This Tekna® Jump is the latest model in the Tekna range and has been developed for the serious rider with the ultimate in adjustability. Featuring the new Quik-Gullet Easy Fit System, changing the width of the gullet is only four fasteners away. The saddle comes with a medium gullet plate installed and additional gullet plate sizes Narrow, Medium, Medium/Wide, Wide and Extra Wide are available separately.

The latex/wool flocking eliminates lumps and bumps, and can still be reflocked in the traditional manner for a customized fit to your horse.  At the core of each Tekna ® saddle is a lightweight synthetic tree which can be easily tailored to suit nearly any horse. The outer skin and structural elements of the saddle employ a suite of hi-tech, breathable materials designed to maximize performance, durability and comfort while minimizing maintenance. Developed with more dedicated riders in mind, the  saddles produced by Tekna are a fabulous choice if you want a saddle that is both low-maintenance and high-quality, while also remaining affordably priced. 

Tekna Jump Saddle