Steam Cut, dust free premium Lucerne Chaff in a 23 kilo bag. 


Lucerne is very good for buffering stomach acid and helps to prevent ulcers due to its high pectin content (and other types of fibre) and minerals (eg calcium and magnesium) which are alkaline and help neutralise stomach acid. (It is also a good idea to feed a small amount of Lucerne chaff or hay to horses with ulcers before riding them or prior to transport to help buffer the stomach acid.) It provides good levels of chlorophyll which contains antioxidants, which help prevent oxidative damage and helps balance the body’s PH, and is therefore healthy for horses.Unlike some other feeds, Lucerne contains no known anti-nutrients like oxalates, phytates, cyanogenic glycosides, goitrogens, enzyme inhibitors etc. It is also relatively low in phytoestrogens, unlike other legumes, eg soy and clover. Providing a small amount of lucerne per day is a very good way to improve the amino acid profile and therefore the protein level of the diet, but feeding lucerne as the main or only source of roughage may cause problems due to excessive amounts of protein.

Robinsons Lucerne Chaff