Comfort is always important, but even more so on the trail. Which is why Ride Proud Trail Horse Riding Pants are a little roomier than our other styles and don't rise quite through to the waist.

This style features a waistband with keepers for a belt and a little D Ring at the front to attach your keys. The split at the hem allows room for the sometimes wider, comfortable western boots that we choose for a trail ride.

Ride Proud trail horse riding pants include the safety feature of a thigh pocket, large enough to hold a mobile phone, just in case your horse decides to head home without you.

The trail horse riding pants have inbuilt tummy support, full suede seat and the underfoot keeper.

Fabric Composition:  60% Cotton, 35% Nylon, 5% Elastane.  Brown, Navy Black

Ride Proud Trail Gen2 Bootleg Riding Pants