Blue Sweet Iron oxidises easily to create a warm and sweet taste which helps your horse accept the bit and encourages salivation.
Un-oxidized (new) sweet iron (also called sweet metal) has a bluish tinge. Once the bit is used, it becomes oxidized and the blue color quickly disappears. Over time, the bit begins to look more and more rusty and brown. The Sweet Iron rust will not chip off like rusty steel would flake. The rust is not dangerous or hurtful to the horse. Most people don’t want a rusty bit; this is the part where you shouldn’t judge a bit by its cover! The sweet iron produces a taste that horses love. Bits made from this material will last a long time and are less expensive than bits made out of copper blends. Copper is a good metal, which promotes the production of saliva and in turn acceptance of the bit. The down side to having a bit made entirely of copper is that it is a soft metal. If you have a horse that chews on the bit, you will soon notice the copper changing shape or even developing sharp points in areas of wear. This bit combines the best use of both metals with  robust Blue Sweet Iron and Copper accents to increase the sweet action while the horse is bitted.

Fort Worth Blue Sweet Iron, Copper Inlay Loose Ring EggbutSnaffle

SKU: FOR40-0015