Mycotoxins are compounds in the fungi that interfere with an animal’s digestive wellbeing and condition. They can affect an animal’s nervous system and make them agitated, flighty, and sensitive around the abdomen. In severe cases, mycotoxicity can contribute towards laminitis, skin itch and allergies, weight loss, scours and reproductive disorders.


Feedchar is mostly quality Australian-made charcoal and a percentage of mined clay, which contains a range of safe trace elements in small amounts such as magnesium, calcium, silicon, potassium, and sodium. Both charcoal and clay are natural and organic gut balancers and toxin binders that animals source for themselves in the wild to assist with acidosis (low pH) and plant-toxin effects. The elemental breakdowns of charcoal and clay are freely available online.

Agspand’s Feedchar is a Certified Allowed Input for Organic Farming in Australia, number SXC 1909

Agspand Feedchar 2 KG